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St Albans, Hertfordshire

Confidentiality, Privacy and Data Protection
I adhere to the current General Data Protection Regulations (2018) which protect your privacy and rights to confidentiality. I am registered with the ICO as a Data Controller, registration reference: ZA306752.
General Principles
By contacting me, via any means, you are ‘opting in’ regarding giving me permission to be in contact with you and hold your contact details. I will never knowingly share your data with any other parties.
Sessions are confidential to the counsellors and clients and the counsellor will not divulge the contents to anyone else without the client’s written permission. If one client attends alone then the contents of that session are confidential to the counsellor and the individual client and will not be divulged to anyone else including the other client without the other clients permission.
The counsellor will make brief process notes which are available to the clients to inspect, subject to points 6/7 below.
The counsellor will also make their own counselling notes which are confidential to the counsellor and which will be destroyed as soon as the advice delivery ends.
The counsellor may discuss cases with their supervisor and at case supervision groups. The counsellor undertakes to discuss the clients case in such a way that the clients can not be identified. All colleagues are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the counsellor.
All records are stored securely and in line with good practice will be retained for seven years after the end of the service and will then be destroyed securely.
If the clients disclose information which the counsellor believes places another person at actual or imminent risk the counsellor will discuss this with the clients. If the counsellor and clients are unable to agree a way forward, the counsellor may be compelled to break confidentiality to protect a third person.
If clients feel they have any cause for complaint this should be taken up with the counsellor in the first instance.
Should the clients feel that the complaint has not been suitably addressed there is an option to contact the ICO or COSRT.

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